SECO – Economic recovery gains momentum December 19, 2017 at 01:49AM

A new ordinance on Measure against by SECO – Economic recovery gains momentum
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SECO – Economic recovery gains momentum
Bern, 19.12.2017 – Economic forecasts by the Federal Government’s Expert Group – Winter 2017/2018*
The Federal Government’s Expert Group expects the Swiss economy to make a speedy recovery over the next few quarters. While only moderate GDP growth of 1.0% is anticipated in 2017 due to a weak first half of the year, the forecast for GDP growth in 2018 is strong at 2.3% in the course of the global economic upturn. A solid 1.9% growth is predicted for 2019. Both foreign trade and the domestic economy are contributory factors in this regard. Employment is likely to increase noticeably, with unemployment set to drop again.

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

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